It's All About Cancer

cancer book - It's All About Cancer

From the moment that you receive your diagnosis of cancer your whole life changes forever as it becomes 'All About Cancer'. Every decision, every hour becomes subservient to the knowledge that you have a new battle to fight each day. In reality, we all fight this battle without knowing it, as each and every one of us can fall prey at any time to this disease.

This book tells the story of how one couple, Joe and Julie, fought the good fight against cancer and refused to accept for even one day that they would not win. Even though the diagnosis was terminal, together they sought every cancer treatment, cancer therapy and cancer diet change in the hope that something may help them in their quest, constantly researching and visiting cancer clinics around the world. The decisions which they made were not always right, but from each decision they learnt something new which may help you.

This book is for everyone – for those fighting cancer it tells of the possibilities and potential ways to extend life, for others it tells how lifestyle changes can help to prevent the disease attacking. Joe's rags to riches life highlights how cancer has no rhyme or reason, why some people get it and some people don't. It is a love story of a wife fighting to save the man that she loved with everything that she had.

Sadly the battle was lost, yet the love which Julie had for Joe lives on in this book, as does the straightforward message of lessons which they learnt and the knowledge which they gained which could change your life.

Published - 13th January 2014!

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